Authors are invited to submit their oral and poster contributions related to the following topics:

Topic 1: Obesity – Difficulties in Anesthesia
Obesity is a common disease of our age. In obstetric anesthetics, obese patients are particularly challenged, especially in regional anesthesia (spinal anesthesia and epidural anesthesia or analgesia). In obese patients, a difficult intubation is a particular challenge.
Topic 2: Obesity – Difficulties in Postoperative Care
Special attention should also be paid to postoperative care in the postoperative guard and during the puerperal period. There is higher incidence of complications, postoperative infection, wound healing difficulty and higher thrombosis risk.
Topic 3: Obesity and Special Challenges in Cesarean Section
The abdominal exploration and choosing the direction of the abdominal incision is a special challenge in cesarean section. The choice of suturing technique most conducive to wound healing. Prevention of infections interfering with healing later.
Topic 4: Maternal Diabetes Mellitus and the Fetus and the Newborn, and the Later Effects
Maternal metabolic diseases, especially diabetes mellitus, have an effect on the development of the fetus, the fetal metabolism. Unstable diabetes affects neonatal metabolism both in the short and long term. Because of epigenetic factors, the effect is transmitted through generations as well.
Topic 5: Interdisciplinary Collaboration between Obstetricians, Anesthetists and Neonatologists
Pregnancy diabetes is a challenge for obstetrics, perinatal, neonatology and anesthesiology.
Interdisciplinary collaboration between obstetricians, anesthetists and neonatologists is important. Co-operation should include internal medicine, endocrinology, diabetology, and dietary care.
Topic 6: Diabetes and Perinatal Mortality, Morbity - Prenatal Diagnosis
Diabetes affects perinatal morbidity and mortality. Unstable diabetes increases the incidence of fetal abnormalities. Therefore, prenatal diagnosis needs to pay more attention to fetal disorders. Among the available test methods during pregnancy, the ultrasound, fetal most suitable for screening abnormalities.